RENESISFD’s Garage Queen Build: Puttin’ the Brap Brap where the sun don’t shine!!

Ok… I don’t know how long it took me to look through this build thread but lets just say it was a long time. The guy’s coverage of his build is thorough. And the build itself is thorough. This is a young man by the name of RENESISFD over on doing some serious wrenching and fabing on his FD RX7.

With the name RENESISFD are we to assume he has the Renesis 13b from the RX8? I don’t know. But it is a 2 rotor either way. The build involves going to a non-sequential twin turbo setup, then a single setup with home made turbo manifold, installation of a V-mount intercooler, an engine rebuild and just too many other things to list here.

Check out the gallery and vids here on Buildlab then for the full thread head over to!


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