Adrs2k’s lightly modded 2008 S2000 CR and the quest for the perfect driver’s car

One of my favorite cars is the Honda S2000. Unfortunately, I’ve never driven one, which is basically the story with all my favorite cars. One of the perks of being a starving artist I suppose. Anyways, depending on how long I end up doing this blog, I intend to cover plenty of nice S2000 builds. While cruising looking for an S2000 build to cover I came across adrs2k’s build thread. It’s a light build, more a series of mods meant to enhance the car’s natural characteristics. I find this sort of light mod path interesting because I’m pretty much the exact opposite. I’m all or nothing. I want to take a car as far as it can possibly go. I’m a numbers guy. I have no problems giving up civility in order to change the numbers. But what makes this case even more interesting is adrs2k’s S2000 is a CR edition. The CR stands for Club Racer. This is a trim level geared towards track use. This is basically Honda doing their take on a light mod path for enhancing the cars track abilities. So what happens when an owner then adds their layer of slight tweaks on top of Honda’s?

*note in the build thread adrs2k owned a silver S2000 before he picked up the blue CR.

Here is a mod list for Mr. adrs2k’s quest for a pure driving experience S2000…

K&N FIPK Intake
AUT Cooling Plate
Gold Foil – Wrapped K&N Intake
Flashpro tuned by UMS Tuning 229whp 163tq
Invidia 70mm Test pipe
Greddy Spectrum Elite Dual Exhaust (polished the blue tips off)
BAWSS Oil Filter Lock

Suspension, Brakes, and Wheels
Advan RS II 17×9+63 in Racing Hyper Black
Advan Black Low Type Center Caps
Muteki Spline Lug Nuts
Swift Spec R Springs
Hankook RS-3’s 255/40/17 tires on Advans
Hankook RS-3’s 225/255 on stock wheels
Spare OEM Brake Rotors (for track)
Carbotech XP10/XP8 Track Pads
LHT Brake Master Cylinder Brace
SOS Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Hardrace Camber Joint’s
3mm Wheel Spacers
Spoon ETD
Puddymod ETD mount
Trimmed front fender liner and bent the fender tabs up and out of the way
Custom alignment: -3.1 F camber, 0 toe, 7 degrees caster. -3.0 R camber, 3/16” total toe rear

JS2K ABP Keyhole covers
JS2k interior and trunk LED’s
Vanity Plate
Broadway mirror (270mm convex blue tinted)
Alpine Head Unit w/ Ipod Integration
Modifry DCI
Modifry upgraded roll hoop speakers
Modifry windscreen camera mount
SOS Hood Struts
Spoon brake/clutch reservoir covers
Covercraft interior cockpit cover
Griot’s Pearl Black License Plate Frame
Spare CR Front Lip
AutoAttire Black License Plate Frame with Clear Cover
Pro-Bolt USA Black Anodized Aluminum Countersunk Bolts and Washers – M6-25mm (License Plate)

Engine – Amsoil 5W-30 or 10W-30 Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil
Transmisson – Amsoil Synthetic Syncromesh Transmission Fluid (5W-30)
Differential – Amsoil Severe Gear 75W-90 Synthetic EP Lubricant
Torque RT700 Brkae Fluid
All other fluids are Honda Genuine

For more pictures and info check out adrs2k’s build thread over at!

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